My Personal Time

Once I started looking up what I did with my time I realized I waste SO much time dilly dallying. I do spend majority of my study time with groups of people and I counted that as social time because we do also talk a lot while we are studying about many different things. I think my pie looks good but maybe a little bit too much social time and not enough sleep and free time. My time vacuum is definitely social time. When my friends ask me to go somewhere or to hang out I have a very hard time saying no. I knew this was a possible problem when I came to school and I had hoped to be better at handling this. I set timers when I am working on a specific homework assignment and when the timer goes off I must move on. I spend a lot of my time in the library and will sometimes just have to stay there until I complete an assignment. I know that lately I have been really busy and distracted. I am finally developing  a routine and I am hopeful that I can get some more free time and time to sleep. I do plan on trying to study a little bit more by myself and and not only in groups. I will spend more time studying with out my phone near me so that I cannot be tempted to stop studying to go hang out with my friends. I will also spend more time in my room without my friends here to distract me. I think that maybe if I am alone in my room I will get things done more quickly. Here is my pie chart.  Image


MBTI Strong Report

My strong report was very accurate I think. After reading the descriptions of the general occupational themes I believed my code would be RES and I thought my strongest point was the social theme. However now that I have gotten my results back and the test gave me ES I completely see why. My stronger theme is enterprising which makes sense to me now because I am very competitive. I also could really see myself in the occupations they suggested for me like becoming a lawyer or going into marketing and advertising. A typical major for my Enterprising theme is Hospitality. I really do like this major as well because i have thought of being an event planner for a hotel chain and that job still is interesting to me. A career for my social theme might be Family studies because that would be an interesting background to have if I decided to become a civil law attorney. I must have confused the test about how I like to learn because I got two very contradicting learning styles. On one page they described me saying that I like to learn by doing and that I need short instructions focused on one goal. On another page it says that I learn best from listening to lectures in classic student environments and that I enjoyed learning just to learn. I agree with the description saying that I need short instructions focused on one goal and that I like to learn especially in lectures. I find it easier to listen to people telling me a story or talking to me then listening and doing a hands on activity. With my tests combined I am ESFJ + Enterprising. The test described my work environments to be competitive, fast paced, business oriented, and focused on those in position of power. I agree that that sounds like a place I would thrive and be encouraged to work hard. ESFJs like to organize people and projects to achieve goals and pay attention to relevant facts which I feel is something I would like to do. With my tests combined I am team-oriented. I feel like this is right because I love to work with others and be on teams when I am trying to accomplish goals. I think that one of the weirdest occupation that I got suggested was the nurses aid. To me this would mean being the assistant to the nurse. I don’t think I would like this occupation because the way I see it is I would be the doctors assistants assistant, and that does not appeal to me. However I do understand why this job was offered to me because on O Net it describes the nurses aid job as helping the patients and having to try and figure out what is hurting them. You also spend a lot of time talking to patients and peers which would be very social. I still cannot see my self being a nurses aid but overall I feel that the tests we took really did help me to understand what degrees and careers are well suited for me. When I went to my advising session I felt sure I knew what I wanted to do, but as we talked about different possibilities for me I found myself back here at undecided. 

Today I received my scores from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Career Report and I was completely right on my personality type! I am an extravert and I use my senses to take in information. I make decisions based on what I feel and deal with the outer world by judging or planning my events. I got those exact answers when we did the evaluation in class today as well so the test was definitely correct here! Along with my personality type comes some challenges. My challenges could be spending too much time in unproductive networking. I’m not really sure I understand this because I feel like you never know when you might need a new connection. Another challenge I have is having trouble adjusting plans to respond to unexpected opportunities. I tend to be very stubborn and once I set my mind to one thing it is occasionally hard for me to readjust my thinking. One of the other challenges I thought was interesting was that I may be overly influenced by what I think others want when I am making decisions. This challenged surprised me because I have always thought that I didn’t really notice or care as much of what others thought of me, but when I really thought about the last decision I made I was about to make the wrong choice because my friends really wanted me too. That was interesting to me because it made me realize that I definitely fit with this personality type. After all of these great indicators that this test knew me so well I was very excited to see the top careers for me. However I was very surprised when the career I am leaning towards was not in my “Most Attractive Job Families”. I do realize that just because the test did not rank a legal job career very highly for me does not mean that I can’t pursue it but I was just a little disappointed. I do still feel however that I would really be a good lawyer and I hope that when we start our road trip nation project I do get the chance to interview a lawyer! I feel that I would be very passionate about my case and would devote myself to doing great things in that profession. I suppose that I should still not fully commit myself to that career and continue to keep an open mind but it sure is hard not knowing what you are going to do for the rest of your life!

My interests

I am very interested in people and being social. I’ve always loved to be surrounded by people rather than being alone. I have always found myself interested in the people think and other cultures. I love to travel and have new experiences and try new things. I really enjoy playing sports and swimming and being outside. I know that I do not want a job that could involve me doing the same thing every day. I have always been inspired by people who are passionate and by watching people experience new things or by helping others. I really would like to help others in my future job. I do my best work when I am also interested in the situation or when I am with a group of people who really care about what we are working on. I love doing group work and like to study with people or in the library so I am not alone. Some careers that I am interested in are careers you can do with a psychology degree. I would like to meet and interview an attorney so I can ask them why they chose the job and to learn the downsides of that job. However I am also interested in fashion merchandising and I would love to meet someone in that field that may have just graduated or already working so that I can know if it is easy to get a job after college and to stay employed on a higher level then starting from the bottom. I think the possibility of being an attorney is more interesting to me because I would have different cases constantly and I would be spending a lot of my time working with clients and other attorneys to do research. I also would have the opportunity to help others if I am involved in civil law because I could help them win custody. The fashion merchandising interests me because fashion is always changing and I would have opportunities to travel and learn about other cultures and how they act. 

Bucket List

1. I want to see the 7 wonders of the world in person.

2. Spend time in all 50 states.

3. Crowd surf at a concert


4. Swim in every ocean.

5. Marry the love of my life.

6. Go skydiving. 

7. Make an impact on someone in need.

8. Get a street named after me.

9. Live in Paris for a year.


10. See blinded eyes opened. 

About Me

My name is Rachel Salinas and I am going to be a freshman here at UNT. I was raised in Austin and really enjoyed all of the different festivals and diverse cultures that Austin has to offer. My dad is a musician on the side so we spent a lot of family time downtown and exploring. During the day however my Dad works with computers and networking. He really would have loved for me to have been more interested in that field but I don’t think sitting in front of a computer all day sounds entertaining. My Mom works for Texas Public Employees Association and she is an assistant for a lobbyist. My sister is 20 years old and attending Texas State University majoring in biology hoping to go to med school and I couldn’t be more happy for her! My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half and we couldn’t be happier to be here at UNT together. During high school I spent most of my time playing volleyball for my school or for a select team. I also played sand volleyball in the summer. I spent almost every weekend at a tournament and during the week I was at practice almost everyday. I loved the game but I look forward to playing at a less competitive level here at UNT in innermurals. While I was growing up I was sure I wanted to stay with sports either as a sports broadcaster or as a physical therapist. These fields were very different and thats when I decided to be undecided for my career at this point. Now that I have taken more classes I have figured out I really enjoy government and helping others out so now I am thinking I could maybe major in psychology and then go to law school and be a civil law attorney.