Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

This semester has flown by and I can’t believe we have our last UGST story class this week! I am so happy and thankful for each person in our class that brought new ideas to the table each week. I feel so lucky to be apart of such a great class and we were even more lucky to have Laura as our teacher and Heather as a peer mentor. Honestly without this class I am unsure if I would have made it through this semester. The learning community we joined was one of the most inviting and I was able to become really close friends with the people in my class. I don’t think I ever left a UGST class being thankful it was over. I know that next semester we won’t have as many classes together but we will always be friends and I know that if I needed anything I could call on my UGST family. Honestly what other class would stay up all night together the night before a big project was due? 


Coming to college as an undecided major is probably the least exciting thing to do in life because whenever you are about to leave and people ask you what you’re going to major in and you say you’re undecided they always comfort you and say that’s fine. However by Thanksgiving break when you go back home and they ask again what you decided to major in and you still don’t know things get a little awkward. What my family and friends don’t understand is how much I have learned as an undecided major. I have taken really advanced tests and evaluations to help me figure out what would be best for me to do. I have interviewed professional employees and had to talk to adults in a very mature environment. I have had to blog and tweet and put myself out there for employers. I have been given opportunities to learn more about myself and my personality then I ever knew. Really being undecided has allowed me to get further in my education and in maturing then people who decided a major. I know that my experience in UGST not only given me an opportunity to grow up but also pushed me to get outside of my box and get involved with the campus. I have learned so much about career options and opportunities for my future that I am STILL undecided. I thought I knew what I wanted until I started to look at other options again. I think that UNT will be making a huge mistake by cutting the undecided program because this class was my favorite class this semester. Declaring a major will extremely tough for me but I know that I will always have the best advisor so I am not even worried!!!

Good luck UGST family! I know we will do awesome things!!





Since hearing a presentation in class over spirituality and religion on campus, I was more interested in what I was doing with my spiritual life. I thought it was very interesting that our public school has a job that is designated to help people learn and grow in their own religion. This was hard for me to understand at first especially because from elementary school to high school we haven’t been allowed to really talk about our religions at school. I felt like his job would open many doors for people questioning a religion and wanting to learn more about it. I also understand why UNT might offer it because during college many people are still searching to find out who they are, and religion is a key part in that. I would like to say that I knew what spirituality meant to me, but I am still trying to figure it out. I know what I believe in and that I have been baptized in the Lutheran and Catholic church, I have take the communion class in both churches and been confirmed in the Lutheran church but I still am not sure that I completely understand spirituality. I think I am spiritual and religious because I go to church and practice a religion, but I spend my own time praying and believing in God which would be spiritual. I have been to the Chapel here on campus to pray as well as just to go and have some quiet time. I think that I will probably continue to go there to pray and try and invite my other friends to go and share the information I learned from Jon’s presentation. 


Here at UNT we are obviously proud of our diversity. Many times I meet people and think that they are going to be very artistic and have deeper thoughts about certain subjects that I have probably not even heard of but I am surprisingly shocked most times. I would say that even though I come from an average middle class family, I am not that sheltered. However here I have found myself thinking that I am very sheltered. I think that I associate with the middle class group of white Americans. I associate with christians who believe in themselves and sucess. I would like to think that I surround myself with people who are determined to push themselves in life because that is what I plan on doing. I feel that I have been discriminated against while playing sports because everyone believes only tall girls can play volleyball and be a setter however that is what I love to do and I am very short. I was told all through high school that I just wasn’t going to make it to college volleyball not because of my skill level but my height. I never believed them and continued to push myself to gain a better vertical jump. However when recruitment came along I was surprised to see everyone was right. Girls that I could beat out were getting scholarships to schools strictly because of their height. No one wants to be wrong, or feel unwanted so that was hard for me because I knew I was good enough. 

Diversity has affected me more in college by making me realize that I don’t know anything about anyone. Yes we are all dealing with the same college problems, but our problem solving tools, and morals are almost all different. I don’t think that anyone could group all of the students at UNT under one umbrella and that is what I love about this college. Meeting all the different people with a ton of new backgrounds to learn about it on of the most inspiring and exciting things to do. 

Money Management

During our money management lesson I was realized several things about how I spent my money. I realized that I spend most of my money on food and events. I never really spend time going over my debit card expenses, however I realized that when she was asking us what we do on an average week I eat out or going to an event at least 3-4 times. Before I came to college I worked and made enough money to support this living style. I began to start saving for college once summer started and I have had plenty of money for this semester. But next semester… well thats going to be hard. I have asked my parents if I could get a job but they would like me to focus more on school work. I did not expect that most college students would spend the same amount on events and food. I am also surprised that transportation doesn’t coast more but I think that it’s because we walk most places. I knew that we should have saved more money during our zombie game but we spent almost all of our money before we even got to the second round. I know that we needed some supplies but we could have lived with limited resources and bought stuff as we went. “Living with limited resources” is easier said then done I will say. I will for sure be trying to save more money and become more conscious about what I spend my money on.


I feel that teams are very important to every day life and that it is really important to be able to work well with others. I value teammates who are willing to work hard to achieve the common goal. I think it is important for team members to be understand of each other but to also hold a certain expectation that everyone is trying their hardest. Something that is important to discuss as a team is your common goal that all team members agree is the purpose. Without a purpose your team will end up being very unsuccessful. It frustrates me to see teams who have excellent, hard working members and the team cannot accomplish anything because they are all fighting for personal benefit. I believe that if the team members are a little bit generous and work hard every team will be successful.