FInal ted talk!


4 thoughts on “FInal ted talk!

  1. Do you have a copy of your concept map? You should post it on this blog post as well. I like this idea for the visual. Thanks for sharing your realization & reflection on your major/career options.

    • RACHEL! I think law school would be awesome to go into. I also loved the white board in the background. Haha, even though it was backwards, it was definitely a good idea, and I kind of wish I used it in my video as well. My Strong survey yielded results I didn’t think would happen either. Glad I wasn’t alone! Mentor Denton is awesome, and I think that is such a big opportunity to help kids that are less fortunate. It was awesome having you in a bunch of classes and working on the Roadtrip Nation project. Looking forward to English next semester.

  2. I really liked the visual behind you. It was a nice addition to your talk. I liked hearing about what your were passionate about when it came to law and stuff like that. I can’t wait to have psych with you next semester.

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