Since hearing a presentation in class over spirituality and religion on campus, I was more interested in what I was doing with my spiritual life. I thought it was very interesting that our public school has a job that is designated to help people learn and grow in their own religion. This was hard for me to understand at first especially because from elementary school to high school we haven’t been allowed to really talk about our religions at school. I felt like his job would open many doors for people questioning a religion and wanting to learn more about it. I also understand why UNT might offer it because during college many people are still searching to find out who they are, and religion is a key part in that. I would like to say that I knew what spirituality meant to me, but I am still trying to figure it out. I know what I believe in and that I have been baptized in the Lutheran and Catholic church, I have take the communion class in both churches and been confirmed in the Lutheran church but I still am not sure that I completely understand spirituality. I think I am spiritual and religious because I go to church and practice a religion, but I spend my own time praying and believing in God which would be spiritual. I have been to the Chapel here on campus to pray as well as just to go and have some quiet time. I think that I will probably continue to go there to pray and try and invite my other friends to go and share the information I learned from Jon’s presentation. 


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