Here at UNT we are obviously proud of our diversity. Many times I meet people and think that they are going to be very artistic and have deeper thoughts about certain subjects that I have probably not even heard of but I am surprisingly shocked most times. I would say that even though I come from an average middle class family, I am not that sheltered. However here I have found myself thinking that I am very sheltered. I think that I associate with the middle class group of white Americans. I associate with christians who believe in themselves and sucess. I would like to think that I surround myself with people who are determined to push themselves in life because that is what I plan on doing. I feel that I have been discriminated against while playing sports because everyone believes only tall girls can play volleyball and be a setter however that is what I love to do and I am very short. I was told all through high school that I just wasn’t going to make it to college volleyball not because of my skill level but my height. I never believed them and continued to push myself to gain a better vertical jump. However when recruitment came along I was surprised to see everyone was right. Girls that I could beat out were getting scholarships to schools strictly because of their height. No one wants to be wrong, or feel unwanted so that was hard for me because I knew I was good enough. 

Diversity has affected me more in college by making me realize that I don’t know anything about anyone. Yes we are all dealing with the same college problems, but our problem solving tools, and morals are almost all different. I don’t think that anyone could group all of the students at UNT under one umbrella and that is what I love about this college. Meeting all the different people with a ton of new backgrounds to learn about it on of the most inspiring and exciting things to do. 


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