Money Management

During our money management lesson I was realized several things about how I spent my money. I realized that I spend most of my money on food and events. I never really spend time going over my debit card expenses, however I realized that when she was asking us what we do on an average week I eat out or going to an event at least 3-4 times. Before I came to college I worked and made enough money to support this living style. I began to start saving for college once summer started and I have had plenty of money for this semester. But next semester… well thats going to be hard. I have asked my parents if I could get a job but they would like me to focus more on school work. I did not expect that most college students would spend the same amount on events and food. I am also surprised that transportation doesn’t coast more but I think that it’s because we walk most places. I knew that we should have saved more money during our zombie game but we spent almost all of our money before we even got to the second round. I know that we needed some supplies but we could have lived with limited resources and bought stuff as we went. “Living with limited resources” is easier said then done I will say. I will for sure be trying to save more money and become more conscious about what I spend my money on.


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