My Personal Time

Once I started looking up what I did with my time I realized I waste SO much time dilly dallying. I do spend majority of my study time with groups of people and I counted that as social time because we do also talk a lot while we are studying about many different things. I think my pie looks good but maybe a little bit too much social time and not enough sleep and free time. My time vacuum is definitely social time. When my friends ask me to go somewhere or to hang out I have a very hard time saying no. I knew this was a possible problem when I came to school and I had hoped to be better at handling this. I set timers when I am working on a specific homework assignment and when the timer goes off I must move on. I spend a lot of my time in the library and will sometimes just have to stay there until I complete an assignment. I know that lately I have been really busy and distracted. I am finally developing  a routine and I am hopeful that I can get some more free time and time to sleep. I do plan on trying to study a little bit more by myself and and not only in groups. I will spend more time studying with out my phone near me so that I cannot be tempted to stop studying to go hang out with my friends. I will also spend more time in my room without my friends here to distract me. I think that maybe if I am alone in my room I will get things done more quickly. Here is my pie chart.  Image


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