MBTI Strong Report

My strong report was very accurate I think. After reading the descriptions of the general occupational themes I believed my code would be RES and I thought my strongest point was the social theme. However now that I have gotten my results back and the test gave me ES I completely see why. My stronger theme is enterprising which makes sense to me now because I am very competitive. I also could really see myself in the occupations they suggested for me like becoming a lawyer or going into marketing and advertising. A typical major for my Enterprising theme is Hospitality. I really do like this major as well because i have thought of being an event planner for a hotel chain and that job still is interesting to me. A career for my social theme might be Family studies because that would be an interesting background to have if I decided to become a civil law attorney. I must have confused the test about how I like to learn because I got two very contradicting learning styles. On one page they described me saying that I like to learn by doing and that I need short instructions focused on one goal. On another page it says that I learn best from listening to lectures in classic student environments and that I enjoyed learning just to learn. I agree with the description saying that I need short instructions focused on one goal and that I like to learn especially in lectures. I find it easier to listen to people telling me a story or talking to me then listening and doing a hands on activity. With my tests combined I am ESFJ + Enterprising. The test described my work environments to be competitive, fast paced, business oriented, and focused on those in position of power. I agree that that sounds like a place I would thrive and be encouraged to work hard. ESFJs like to organize people and projects to achieve goals and pay attention to relevant facts which I feel is something I would like to do. With my tests combined I am team-oriented. I feel like this is right because I love to work with others and be on teams when I am trying to accomplish goals. I think that one of the weirdest occupation that I got suggested was the nurses aid. To me this would mean being the assistant to the nurse. I don’t think I would like this occupation because the way I see it is I would be the doctors assistants assistant, and that does not appeal to me. However I do understand why this job was offered to me because on O Net it describes the nurses aid job as helping the patients and having to try and figure out what is hurting them. You also spend a lot of time talking to patients and peers which would be very social. I still cannot see my self being a nurses aid but overall I feel that the tests we took really did help me to understand what degrees and careers are well suited for me. When I went to my advising session I felt sure I knew what I wanted to do, but as we talked about different possibilities for me I found myself back here at undecided. 


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