Today I received my scores from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Career Report and I was completely right on my personality type! I am an extravert and I use my senses to take in information. I make decisions based on what I feel and deal with the outer world by judging or planning my events. I got those exact answers when we did the evaluation in class today as well so the test was definitely correct here! Along with my personality type comes some challenges. My challenges could be spending too much time in unproductive networking. I’m not really sure I understand this because I feel like you never know when you might need a new connection. Another challenge I have is having trouble adjusting plans to respond to unexpected opportunities. I tend to be very stubborn and once I set my mind to one thing it is occasionally hard for me to readjust my thinking. One of the other challenges I thought was interesting was that I may be overly influenced by what I think others want when I am making decisions. This challenged surprised me because I have always thought that I didn’t really notice or care as much of what others thought of me, but when I really thought about the last decision I made I was about to make the wrong choice because my friends really wanted me too. That was interesting to me because it made me realize that I definitely fit with this personality type. After all of these great indicators that this test knew me so well I was very excited to see the top careers for me. However I was very surprised when the career I am leaning towards was not in my “Most Attractive Job Families”. I do realize that just because the test did not rank a legal job career very highly for me does not mean that I can’t pursue it but I was just a little disappointed. I do still feel however that I would really be a good lawyer and I hope that when we start our road trip nation project I do get the chance to interview a lawyer! I feel that I would be very passionate about my case and would devote myself to doing great things in that profession. I suppose that I should still not fully commit myself to that career and continue to keep an open mind but it sure is hard not knowing what you are going to do for the rest of your life!


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  1. I wouldn’t worry about legal not being ranked high — as there are many different types of law and legal fields, which might be closer in relation than you think. This might be something to further explore for your RTN project and/or final paper. Also — I don’t see your time management post up here yet. Please post ASAP. Thanks!

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