My interests

I am very interested in people and being social. I’ve always loved to be surrounded by people rather than being alone. I have always found myself interested in the people think and other cultures. I love to travel and have new experiences and try new things. I really enjoy playing sports and swimming and being outside. I know that I do not want a job that could involve me doing the same thing every day. I have always been inspired by people who are passionate and by watching people experience new things or by helping others. I really would like to help others in my future job. I do my best work when I am also interested in the situation or when I am with a group of people who really care about what we are working on. I love doing group work and like to study with people or in the library so I am not alone. Some careers that I am interested in are careers you can do with a psychology degree. I would like to meet and interview an attorney so I can ask them why they chose the job and to learn the downsides of that job. However I am also interested in fashion merchandising and I would love to meet someone in that field that may have just graduated or already working so that I can know if it is easy to get a job after college and to stay employed on a higher level then starting from the bottom. I think the possibility of being an attorney is more interesting to me because I would have different cases constantly and I would be spending a lot of my time working with clients and other attorneys to do research. I also would have the opportunity to help others if I am involved in civil law because I could help them win custody. The fashion merchandising interests me because fashion is always changing and I would have opportunities to travel and learn about other cultures and how they act. 


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